Database Developer

January 24, 2023

Assignment description


We are requiring a consultant to replace an existing application solution at our plant. The application is programmed in virtual basic and handles the transfer of test data file in .dat format to a server. On a local computer 2nd part of the application is installed which transfers certain data from the files into a SQL data base and archived the processed file on the server.

As the server and the application are out of service we are planning to replace the existing solution with a server based solution replacing the computer. Furthermore, we are planning to update the application from virtual basic to a “modern” language (python, C or similar).

Assess the present environment and propose a replacement for the existing Virtual basic application migrating to a new language (i.e. – .NET / Python). The application is for moving test data files to a network drive with a server- based solution for handling the movement and archiving of the files as well as the processing of the critical data and transfer to the existing production database.

Creation of a manual to enable self- service of the application after completion.


  • Pre-study of existing solution
  • Creation of application
  • Testing of application
  • Implementation of application
  • Creation of manual
  • Hand over

Other Specifications

  • A pre-study has been performed with Scania IT
  • The existing solution is business critical so a new solution needs to be created and tested before replacing the old one
  • There is no test environment for the old solution
  • Test with the current solution need to be done after production hours Mon-Fri 07:00- 16:00
  • 20% FTE


Application development

Microsoft Virtual basic

Python or similar use programming language

MSSQL databases and programming


English, Swedish or German


Knowledge about server architecture for production.

Required skills








Maximum file size: 256 MB.