DevOps Engineer

May 25, 2023

We are now looking for DevOps Engineer  on the behalf of our client.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Implementation of infrastructure and services
  • Support with the definition of architecture and distribute services over vehicle, cloud, mobile and third-party suppliers
  • Plan management and use of services throughout the life cycle
  • Implement support systems and integrations, as well as requirements for infrastructure
  • Define solution based on existing solutions also considering cost and timing feasibility


  • Experience of working with cloud-based service development, management and infrastructure
  • Experience of working with service oriented architecture e.g. micro service architecture
  • Experience of working with reactive/event driven architecture
  • Experience from the infotainment area is an advantage

Technical experience:

  • Very good experience with cloud technologies and concepts e.g. kubernetes, containerization, secrets management, authentication/authorization, network architecture, microservices architecture, certificates etc.
  • Experience from Terraform (especially ways of working and Azure modules) is preferred
  • Experience from Azure (e.g. ACA, Vnets, APIgw, Key Vault, Manage IDs etc) is preferred
  • Having a development background of microservices/backend development is a strong plus

Required skills

  • Containerization
  • Infrastructure
  • Secrets Management
  • Software Development
  • Cloud development
  • Network Architecture
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Kubernetes

Preferred skills

  • Azure
  • Terraform


  • English
Maximum file size: 256 MB.