Frontend Developer

March 3, 2023

Job Description: 
You will be developing front-end software for consumer-facing and internal products across more than 100 countries. We build the end-to-end experience for online sales/subscriptions of cars, global campaigns as well as frameworks for other parts. Your responsibilities will include rapid development of prototypes/concepts, and regular product development.

You should have a start-up experience where you have quickly developed prototypes and catalyzed product development in a fast-paced, fluid environment. You are a hands-on developer with front-end experience. You are experienced with agile development and a champion of software development standard methodologies.

You and your skills
To succeed in this role, you need to have:
Minimum of 3 years of work experience as a front-end engineer
Experience in JavaScript programming and in building UIs with HTML and CSS.
Expertise in React.js, Typescript, and Next.js framework.
Experience in using one or more cloud providers like AWS or Azure.
Someone who has experience in building accessible and performant websites.
Experience with headless content management systems.
Excellent understanding of Service Oriented Architecture.
Maximum file size: 256 MB.