Implementation of Data Platform – Gothenburg

September 18, 2023

We are now looking for skilled specialists who can help our customer with the implementation of their Data Platform. In short, we are looking for consultants who can support with actual installations, but also consultants who can configure, adapt the tools/platforms, roll out, and manage the operations and maintenance. In addition, our customer expect the specialists to introduce and train the team regarding maintenance and operations.

Our customer wish to find specialists with the following specialties:
Data Warehouse/Lakehouse – experience in Dremio Arctic & Apache Iceberg
Virtualization – experience in Dremio
Data Management – experience in Collibra & Oval Edge

Automation – experience in automating propagation of the above tool, and Snowflake as well as Azure subscriptions with selected services

Hybrid Remote, 3 days/onsite

Maximum file size: 256 MB.