Power BI Platform Owner

September 18, 2023

Assignment description
For our client we are looking for a Power BI Platform Owner.

About our customer:
Our customer is a leading organization in the industry. Our client strives to use data as a strategic asset and has invested in the Power BI platform to make this a reality. Now our client is looking for a committed and experienced Power BI Platform Owner who can take the use of Power BI to the next level.

Areas of responsibility:
As a Power BI Platform Owner, you will have a central role in leading and optimizing the Power BI environment.

Your responsibilities will include:
Ownership and administration of the Power BI platform: You will be the owner and administrator of the Power BI platform and set guidelines and policies for development and use.
Support and training: You will support report developers and users by providing training, solving technical challenges and be the technical expert in Power BI.
Monitoring and optimization: You will monitor the performance and usage of the Power BI platform and take initiatives to optimize it for the best possible user experience.
Self-service principles: You will promote and implement best self-service reporting and data analytics practices within the organization.

Qualifications: To be successful in this role you should have:
Technical knowledge and experience administering the Power BI platform. Strong drive and ability to lead and train others. Ability to own and drive initiatives to improve the use of Power BI. A passion for data and analytics, with the ability to use data as a strategic asset.

Our client is looking for a committed and self-motivated individual who is ready to take ownership of the Power BI platform and make it a critical success factor for our organization.

Required skills:Systemägare,Tekniskt kunnig,Platform Admin,Monitorering,Power BI,Coaching,Platform Ägare

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