Solution Architect/Application Lead

March 10, 2023

Role Descripition
Responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining software applications within our organization. This role involves working with a team of external developers, working with stakeholders in business to gather requirements and prioritize projects, and ensuring that applications are delivered on time and meet quality standards.

Competence requirements:
The candidate should have technical knowledge in Azure cloud and modern technology and infrastructure. Be familiar with terminology like CI/CD, Okta.
The ideal candidate should have strong competencies in eTools and web-based technologies, and the ability to work effectively with the Global Digital and IT teams based in Paris.

You will define and implement software development best practices and establish processes for testing, debugging, and deploying code. You will be responsible for setting strategic direction for the development team and working with other leaders within the organization to align technology initiatives with business goals.

• Knowledge in Azure cloud and modern technology (more on a higher level for architecture and structure)
• You must possess strong leadership skills and communication skills.
• Be able to prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.
• The ideal candidate should be able to identify and solve problems that arise during the development process and adapt to new technologies and changing business needs.
• They should also be able to work effectively with team members and stakeholders to ensure that projects are completed successfully.
Maximum file size: 256 MB.