Solution architect – Senior

January 2, 2023

  • Full Time
  • Stockholm
  • Work Visa Required

Role description and objectives:

The overall focus of the role of the Solution Architect is to ensure that the solution developed within “Business Ready” project is developed in a viable and secure way and in line with our strategic and architectural direction. Responsible for developing documentation of relevant parts of the solution for architecture review and collaboration with parallel ongoing project with dependences. Ongoing collaboration with other architects within company to ensure a holistic viable IT architecture.

Key responsibilities of this role:

Lead solution architecture work within project

Ongoing development of solution documentation

Collaboration with other architects and stakeholder within and outside project to ensure alignment with architecture direction and other project objectives

Solution architect with a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience

Experience working with Supply Chain

Experience working with different ERP system

Experience working with outbound logistics

Experience working with warehouse management

Experience working with EDI

A skilled communicator, with a structured and thorough way of working

Pedagogical and with the ability to articulate complex questions in simplified ways

Self-starter with ability to create structure and drive progress through teamwork

Ability to think critically, recognize and anticipate problems (both technical and operational), and identify and implement solutions in a timely manner

Location can be discussed.

The work will to a large extent be done remotely using digital meetings. Possible travel to North America if needed.’

Maximum file size: 256 MB.