AIoT – Artificial Intelligence of things


During the COVID pandemic, the accuracy of the face detection results has been a challenge in replacing fingerprint scanners with a face recognition for the employee check in/out process


We built an edge device that enables employee logging in / out withoutusing a fingerprint scanner by enhancing the accuracy face recognition
techniques using Ai. When a face is detected, it checks for the faces torecognize the person using deep learning techniques and efficient training models. When a person is recognized, based on the time, the data is sent to the cloud and stored for record keeping.


The hardware was able to recognize faces with 93% accuracy in real time and send the data to the cloud. The device operated on a 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery and the device was able to run for 7 days without recharging the battery. The data sent to the cloud was within 5 KB in size so we were able to reduce the size, cost, latency and portability of the device.